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 Capri Marquee for hire

Capri Marquee for hire

Modular marquee design

Whether you are having a small garden party for 25 guests or a 200 guest wedding reception Capri marquees are the perfect solution.

The marquees modular design and the variety of sizes means they can be connected together allowing you to design your own space and environment. The large high arched sides of the Capri can be left open creating a shaded canopy on a hot summer’s day or with little effort closed up during the evening turning the marquees interior into an intimate space for your guests.

Capri marquee advantages

There are many advantages of Capri marquees over framed marquees and all other styles.  The main advantage is the cost.  The savings can be substantial as they do not need lining or indeed much decoration as the contemporary design speaks for itself. Being able to link the marquees enables them to fit into nearly any venue; large or small. All sizes from the 20ft x 20ft to the large 38ft x 28ft marquees come with a set of sides that complete the structure making them completely waterproof. There are two different styles of sides, clear windows to make the most of the views or just to give you that alfresco feel.  There are also the plain white sides’ ideal to blank off areas or to create a back drop for a band or stage.

Marquee lighting

Getting the lighting right in a Capri marquee can make a huge difference to the look of your event; again this can be done with relatively little expense.  The up-lighters are used to light the peaks of the marquee giving you that distinctive look that rivals any other marquee. Combining this with the Pea-lighting around the arches creates a fantastic ambient atmosphere. Take a look at our gallery which shows them in their full splendor.

If you are really out to impress and need to create a great space for your wedding, corporate event or just a small BBQ a Bath Events Company Capri marquee is a must.