Will I need matting or carpet?

It depends on the weather, the type of event and the condition of the grass. Most weddings require matting but many informal events that we cover work well without carpet or matting.

Are high heels ok with the matting?

Yes. We use matting with a very tight weave so it’s no problem with heels.

When do you erect the marquee?

Typically marquees are erected the day before and dismantled the day after. Additional hire time is possible by prior arrangement. Exceptions are made for Weddings as we try to erect them earlier to give you time for your big day.

Can I decorate the marquee myself?

By all means. However we would ask that you use string or cable ties as opposed to tape.

How many guests can I sit around a table?

As a general rule. 8 – 10 around a 5 ft table. 6 around a 4 ft table and 6 around a 6ft trestle table.

Can you suggest caterers?

Yes. We work very closely with some of the finest and most reasonably priced catering companies around. Please ask for details.

Can the marquees be set up on a hard surface?

Unfortunately not. Capri marquees can only be set up on grass and need to be on a flat surface.

Will it damage my lawn?

The marquee certainly won’t, but on soft or wet lawns the entrances and exits are likely to become soggy. However grass is amazingly resilient and usually grows back stronger.

Are Capri marquees waterproof?


Do I pay extra for side walls?

No. We bring them as a matter of course and they are included in the price.

Can I attach them myself?

Certainly. If you decide to attach them later in the day they should take no longer then a couple of minutes for each side.

Can you supply other equipment that we might need for a party?

Yes. We supply most things that you need, including tables, dance floors and much more. Please refer to our equipment hire for a complete list.

Are there any hidden hire costs?

Absolutely not. What you see on our price list is what you’ll pay.

Can I have a mobile bar?

We can apply for a licence almost anywhere to serve alcohol and provide a bar for marquees in fields, houses, village halls, barns, offices or your own back garden.

What facilities do you need?

We ask that we have clear and easy access to where the bar is be positioned. Electricity and running water.

Do you just provide mobile bars for weddings?

We provide licensed mobiles bars for any event, including festivals, weddings, corporate events, garden parties. We also provide bars for some of the most prestigious venues in Bristol and Bath.

Are your drinks reasonably priced?

Yes. We do not believe in charging high prices for our drinks. We will agree a tariff with you before the night.

Can we put money behind the bar to serve free drinks to our guests?

Yes. We will provide free drinks up to a pre-paid amount and will let you know when that amount is reached. Alternatively your guests can buy their own drinks.

What times will you serve to?

The licence to operate would be what was applied for on the booking form.

How much notice do you need for the application of the licence?

We normally need a minimum of one month. This is due to that fact that the licence will need to be sent and approved by the local council.

Can I chose my own drinks?

Yes. As long as we have notice we will try and accommodate you.

How long does it take to set up your bar?

Usually around 2 hours. Therefore if your events starts at 7pm, we would like to be there by 5pm.

Will I have to pay for the bar?

All we ask for is a returnable £100 deposit.

I would like to hire you. What’s the next step?

Easy. Just visit out ‘contact us‘ page and drop us a line.